Bugfixes for freezeframes

-Fixed a bug related to ControlMovement and freezeframes that affected abilities like UpSpecial,SideSpecial, etc

-Cleaned up some more code

-Enabled AutoLink hitboxes

Thanks to one of our users we were able to find a bug that was preventing freezeframes from working properly with abilities that used the ControlMovement event. This is used to handle abilities that require moving in a direction over the course of certain frames.

Autolink hitboxes have been added they are used to pull opponents with the attacking player. You can see it in action on the UpSpecial. There is some fine tuning to be done still but it's in a state where it's starting to feel good and look good.


PlatformFighter 4.17 (Deprecated) 62 MB
Jul 19, 2018
PlatformFighter 4.19 (Deprecated) 62 MB
Jul 19, 2018
PlatformFighter 4.20 (Deprecated) 63 MB
Jul 19, 2018

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